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Increasing project productivity in Symfony2 from Doctrine2 ORM
Mar 16, 2015 @ 18:55:36

In this tutorial to the stfalcon.com site Sasha Lensky talks about some things you can do to help boost the performance of your Symfony2 application with a few tweaks in how Doctrine is used.

I have been trying to write this article for a long time, but just couldn’t get around. Finally, I pulled myself together and did it. So, what will we discus ... I will share some techniques about working with Doctrine2 ORM, which will help to improve the site performance on Symfony2 (precisely any site that uses Doctrine2 ORM). I have created a project and put it on GitHub as a visual guide, so anyone can test my words in action now.

He shares five tips and includes code examples and results (based on the Profiler toolbar) for each:

  • Downloading all necessary connections
  • Updating multiple entities by request
  • Hydration waiver
  • Using Reference Proxies
  • Using Symfony Profiler Toolbar

That final tip about the Profiler toolbar is actually one used in the rest of the examples too, showing how to get that other information from the tool.

tagged: doctrine2 symfony2 orm performance tips profiler toolbar

Link: http://stfalcon.com/en/blog/post/performance-symfony2-doctrine2-orm

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