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PHP password generation
Dec 29, 2006 @ 14:03:00

A new tutorial has been posted over on AnyExample.com dealing with password generation in PHP. This type of script can be useful for creating a default password for your application to give initially to the user.

Modern web-applications often provide (during registration, or password-reset) random-generated passwords for its users. However these passwords (usually a random combination of letters or numbers) are quite hard to remember: in fact, it's even impossible to read them. This article provides a function for generating English-like readable passwords.

The key difference in this script is that last sentence - making the passwords somewhat human-readable. They give an example of what the traditional (md5-ish) approach to making passwords is before giving the code to create something a bit easier to remember like "lyttakor" or "fapoution". Example usage code is also provided.

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