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Job Posting:
University Health Network/Toronto General Hospital Seeks LAMP Web-developer
Apr 25, 2007 @ 13:54:00

As posted on the Technovated.com blog:

Company University Health Network/Toronto General Hospital
Location Toronto, Canada
Title Technical Analyst - LAMP Web-developer

The Eysenbach Research Group seeks a web-developer who will be in charge for JMIR/OJS/WebCite-related activities, including but not limited to:

  • enhancing and maintaining the functionality of the Journal of Medical Internet Research ( www.jmir.org )
  • designing and implementing a web archiving system ( www.webcitation.org ) with PHP/MySQL
  • writing and running scripts to automatically tag articles with XML for publication
  • typesetting (XML-tagging) manuscripts
  • developing new ways to improve online academic publishing and promote open access publishing
  • resolving any server/technical issues that arise with either webcitation.org or jmir.org
  • supporting site users, authors, etc.
  • providing technical guidance and support for new research projects
Required Skills
  • capable of multi-tasking and prioritizing
  • intimately familiar with ALL aspects of LAMP-based Web development
  • able to work in a shell environment
  • knowledge of XML and related technologies (XSL XPath, DOM)
  • excellent problem solving skills and a love for technical challenges
The following are also considered assets
  • JavaScript, CSS, AJAX
  • familiarity with regular expressions
  • strong awareness of usability and human interface / design issues
  • interest in open access publishing
  • familiarity with research databases and their related technical challenges
  • desire to work in the non-profit sector
  • interest in and knowledge about Web 2.0 approaches
  • information science background, with technical knowledge about bibliographic and other metadata
  • experience with content management systems, wikis etc

The University Health Network has repeatedly been selected as one of Canada's top 100 employers (http://www.uhn.ca/About_UHN/top_100.asp).

The position is based in downtown Toronto, but we are willing to discuss a teleworking arrangement. We are thinking of a full-time employee, but are also willing to discuss a freelancing arrangement (please specify your hourly rate).

Some of the work could be used as a thesis/research project, thus students (e.g. PhD part-time students) - especially in information and computer science - are invited to apply.

Contact geysenba at uhnres.utoronto.ca

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