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Job Posting:
Pyromedia Studios Seeks Back-end Programmer (Redlands, CA)
May 31, 2007 @ 12:54:00

Company Pyromedia Studios
Location Redlands, CA
Title Back-end Programmer

Pyromedia Studios is in need of a programming and back-end development partner using PHP.

We work primarily with individuals via instant massager or V.O.I.P. The partners we select will be experienced, hard working, professional and detailed. We will need to see examples of the work you have done specifically in the area of CMS development, e-commerce, Raw data integration and custom development tools using PHP.

In short we need a freelance experienced back end web developer to work on php & mysql driven websites. In order of importance, we are looking for the following skills: - PHP & MySQL - XHTML & CSS - Javascript & AJAX - Wordpress A potentially successful candidate will be creative, fast, thorough and with an eye for good looking user interfaces & design. You would not be expected to work in our studio, we are looking for somebody flexible and remote to work closely with our core in house team on the project.

If you believe you are the person we are looking for or know of someone who would be a good match for us please contact me at this email address (sam@pyromediastudios.com)

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