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Greg Beaver's Blog:
phar gets a major speed boost with version 1.2.1
August 30, 2007 @ 09:06:00

Greg Beaver has blogged about an enhancement in the latest release of phar (1.2.1) - a major speed boost:

A few minutes ago, I released phar version 1.2.1. phar is a PHP extension that allows the creation of complete filesystems within a single physical file. In addition, a bootstrap stub written in PHP can be used to run a phar archive as if it were an executable file or shell script. Documentation on its usage and how to create phars is at in the PHP manual.

Greg mentions some other issues that were fixed and a refactoring of some of the stream operations to cut the speed in half.

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phar archive pear pecl package release speed boost phar archive pear pecl package release speed boost

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