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Etienne Kneuss' Blog:
Late Static Bindings Explained
September 07, 2007 @ 14:26:00

Etienne Kneuss has a new article posted about and introducing a feature that will be implemented in PHP6 - late static bindings.

Late Static Binding (LSB, yes, not LSD) is an OO feature that is meant to be implemented in PHP 6, and maybe even backported to PHP 5. This article will describe what LSB is, what problems it's supposed to solve and how. The patch this article talks about can be found here: late_static_bindings_take6.patch

Etienne explains what they are and includes several code examples to show how they'll work. There's also a mention of "edge cases" where special circumstances might cause the script to fall back on the "magic" functions (__get, __post, etc).

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