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Nick Halstead's Blog:
Programming Tips #9 "debug_backtrace"
December 19, 2007 @ 08:42:00

Nick Halstead has posted the latest programming tip to his blog today (as written by LArry Garfield) concerning the use of debug_backtrace.

Despite the proliferation of debugging tools, especially real-time debuggers, "debugging by print statement" remains the most common form of debugging in most programming languages. [...] Fortunately, PHP offers another debugging tool: debug_backtrace(). It returns an array that is a complete function stack up to the point it is called.

Larry includes a basic example of the function in use - a debug() function that takes in a message, label and a "stealth" setting and outputs a formatted result of the debug_backtrace output.

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programming tip debugbacktrace output example programming tip debugbacktrace output example

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