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Job Posting:
Tenbelowzero Seeks Senior PHP Developer (Oakville, Ontario)
Jan 17, 2008 @ 11:12:00

Company Tenbelowzero
Location Oakville, Ontario
Title Senior PHP Developer

You live and breathe system design and development and you have some great ideas. You are a team player. You know when to create dynamic user-centric elements and you are starting to recognize when eye candy is just eye candy. You are an energetic and highly creative individual who has both strong code design sense as well as the building knowledge and capabilities of web oriented interface design.

You are better than proficient in code creation using Zend's design tools and are familiar with Zend frameworks. You can work with others’ code and yours is neat and you comment well. You can whip up some CSS by hand that others would envy for their page layouts. You are team oriented, hard working and able to conceive and execute solutions in a timely fashion.

  • 2+ years experience building large scale sites with PHP(4&5)/MySQL(4&5) based web sites
  • Understanding of OOP principles
  • Strong with AJAX, XHTML, XML, CSS/DOM, JavaScript
  • Detail oriented producing quality, maintainable code
  • Diploma or equivalent real world experience in web development
  • Working knowledge of ZEND frameworks & working with custom frameworks
  • Flexible self-starter who thrives on the challenges of working with new and varied technologies
  • Strong communication skills, works well in a team environment
  • Permanent / full time

Salary is based on experience and clearly demonstrated abilities. CV's can be sent in PDF format to hr@tenbelowzero.com - Successful candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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