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Job Posting:
SQLFusion Seeks Senior PHP/Javascript Software Dev (Redondo Beach, CA/Telecommute)
Mar 06, 2008 @ 13:44:00

Company SQLFusion
Location Redondo Beach, CA (can Telecommute)
Title Senior PHP and Javascript Software Developer

About SQLFusion
We specialize in application development exclusively using open source technologies, with offices spread throughout the world. 1/2 of us work from home, others work in small local offices in major international capitals. We have a flat structure totally customer centric and team oriented. We love what we do and each of us is an expert in his field. Our customers and projects include small and medium business internal applications, Web 2.0 startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Job Description
The senior software developer will be working on customer's web applications and our internal open source projects using PHP and Javascript. He or she will create, maintain and improve complex database and Ajax applications for a range of clients; from Web 2.0 startup's to larger companies for accounting, invoicing, HR or B2B applications. Some work time is dedicated to R&D on SQLFusion's open source projects (Radria, hostingfusion, ofuz...).

3 years object oriented programming experience with PHP and Javacript using MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database. Experience designing and querying MySQL 5 or PostgreSQL databases using transactions. Experience consuming web services (SOAP, REST, XML-RPC),

Proficiency in client-side technologies (XHTML, JavaScript?, AJAX, CSS, XML) and experience with hand coding and tableless layouts, Practical experience in using a Javascript toolkit or library like prototype, dojo, jquery, xajax, mootools, extjs, rico. Mastery of addressing UI concerns (standards-based dev, usability, accessibility, compatibility).

Mastery of the application development cycle in a scaled, commercial environment. Ability to adhere to specs and design details, and experience writing modular, reusable, maintainable code. Strong Object Oriented design and development skills are highly desired.

Comfortable working with linux. (kde, ssh, bash command line).

Ideal candidate is a big picture thinker with attention to detail and appreciation for analysis, and is dedicated to solving problems elegantly and creatively. Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills. Good communication skills. Ideal candidate is a developer who consistently delivers and keeps up to date on best practices/standards and programming methods.


  • Object Oriented PHP : 3 years
  • Javascript, AJAX, (X)HTML, CSS : 3 years
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL : 2 years
  • Linux : 1 year

Minimum BA In technology.


  • We have a preference for candidates that have contributed to an open source project.
  • Good portfolio of user-driven applications (Web2.0),
  • Experience with Facebook or Open Social Applications,
  • Experience with iPhone Web applications


  • The position is open to telecommute and can be anywhere in the USA.
  • US Citizen or permanent resident only

http://www.sqlfusion.com/ hr@sqlfusion.com

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