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Voices of the ElePHPant:
It's the Booze Talking: Podcasters on Podcasting
Jul 07, 2015 @ 16:58:32

The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast has posted a special episode of their "It's the Booze Talking" series with a show of podcasters talking about podcasting. Besides host Cal Evans the episode also features other podcast hosts Sammy Powers (PHP Roundtable), Matt Stauffer (5 Minute Geek Show/Laravel Podcast), Chris Hartjes (DevHell), Ben Edmunds (PHP Town Hall), Kayla Daniels (No Capes), Beau Simensen (That Podcast) and NinjaGirl (#ossart).

They talk about why they started their podcasts and what they want their show to be for their listening audience. They also go around and mention who they think their target audience is (or if there is a target), how they present their content to match and some of the feedback they get. Cal also asks some of the "how" involved in creating their shows and sharing them with their listeners. Finally they talk about some of their own "horror stories" they've had during the production of their show.

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3. If you enjoy the show and want to hear more from members of the PHP community, be sure to subscribe to their feed too!

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Link: https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2015/07/07/its-the-booze-talking-podcasts/

Three Devs & A Maybe:
Episode 68 - Podcasting, Remote Working and Testing with Adam Wathan
Jun 17, 2015 @ 13:53:09

The Three Devs & A Maybe podcast has released their latest episode today, Episode #68 - Podcasting, Remote Working and Testing with Adam Wathan.

This week we are very lucky to be joined by fellow podcaster and host of Full Stack Radio - Adam Wathan. We begin discussion with his reasons behind starting a podcast, experience being a solo-host and the secret to great podcast recordings. We then move on to how he got into programming at high school - with reflection on that if he had been using a Windows machine at college, he would most likely be a .NET developer by now. As both Edd and Adam work remotely at this time, the topic of remote pair-programming and Kanban style board implementations then arises. Finally, we discuss his thoughts on Message-passing vs. strict-contracts, Smalltalk and Elixir exploration and how it is hard to give a definitive answer on the best way to begin learning TDD.

You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3. Be sure to subscribe to their feed if you enjoy the show too!

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Link: http://threedevsandamaybe.com/podcasting-remote-working-and-testing-with-adam-wathan/

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