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Court Ewing's Blog:
How PHP is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed
September 01, 2011 @ 08:44:22

Court Ewing has a (slightly inflammatory) post to his blog that shares some of his opinions on why he thinks PHP is broken and a few thoughts on how it could be fixed. He's edited the article since its first publishing to include some clarification of his original ideas.

Before getting into the original post, I wanted to a comment made in his edit with an apology for the original post coming across as more of an "irritated user" than an unopinionated observer.

PHP's development process has been broken for a long time, and the failures of that process have swelled since the first ripples began to appear many years ago. [...] This is no surprise given the very fluid history of PHP though, and the lack of any sustainable processes may have even been one of the key things that allowed PHP to evolve so quickly into one of the most used programming languages in the world. But that early success doesn't make the PHP development process any less broken.

He covers a few points where he has issues with the PHP project including the release management, test coverage and recent issues with bugs in releases. He gives suggestions on how things could be made better - a detailed release process, a voting process for new features and a emphasis on good code and tests in the core. He also notes that he thinks more contributors in the mix isn't the solution. While it's encouraged to join the project, he suggests that the current core development group are the ones that should work the hardest on making things better.

Be sure to check out the comments for some great responses from the PHP community - both for and against the statements from the original post.

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Elizabeth Naramore's Blog:
Support a Good Cause
January 16, 2008 @ 14:23:16

Feel like giving a bit back to something open source but aren't sure quite where to go? Well, the PHPWomen group is asking for donations to help further the women's group and its efforts:

As you know, we like to give out our free t-shirts at conferences to help spread the word about our group. [...] We also want to help out those who may be in need of training materials, help with the ZCE exam, or who want to speak at conferences, but may not afford to be able to do it.

They also have some other fund raising ideas in the works to help accomplish some of these goals too. You can also get involved and help out even if you don't have extra cash. Volunteer for the mentoring program or just offer a helping hand when they might need it.

Check out Elizabeth Naramore's blog post for more details.

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Patrick Reilly's Blog:
Zend Framework Project Teams Need You
February 14, 2007 @ 09:48:00

Patrick Reilly has a new post today encouraging developers out there looking for an opportunity to volunteer in the community to check out the Zend Framework project's many needs.

Most components and subprojects need volunteers to help with documentation, unit test coverage, code reviews, improving integration with other ZF components, and enhancing architecture and design for the purpose of improving extensibility and ease of use with new components. If you see a subject area or component that interests you, please contact any project members currently associated with the component.

The project is starting several wiki "websites" dedicated to each of the components/efforts inside of the main framework project. Areas for these include:

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