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Installing PHP5 Debugger On OpenSUSE 11.3
Oct 19, 2010 @ 17:49:19

On HowToForge.com there's a tutorial on installing a PHP Debugger (xdebug) on an OpenSUSE linux install including PHP5 and Apache.

This tutorial shows how to install php5 debugger (xdebug) on OpenSUSE 11.3.

The steps of the process are super simple because of the "zypper" package manager:

  • Install the PHP5, Apache2 and PHP for Apache module
  • Download the latest Xdebug version and unpack it
  • Build Xdebug
  • phpize it to build the shared object
  • Update your php.ini file to add it in
tagged: xdebug install tutorial debugger zypper opensuse


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