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Job Posting:
Jacob Group (Recruiter) Seeks Director of Software Development (Lacrosse, WI)
Jan 20, 2011 @ 13:39:35

Company The Jacob Group (Recuriter)
Location Lacrosse, WI
Title Director of Software Development

We are looking for a seasoned LAMP stack technologist with over 10 years of professional experience, with at least the past five years in a team leadership capacity. You must be a master of all aspects of development, including scalability, profiling, refactoring, design patterns and modern MVC architectures including frameworks like Zend and Code Igniter.

You will be mentoring and leading a team of highly skilled, intelligent and engaging software professionals and you will need superior technical chops and the right people skills to balance the requirements of this role. Someone that is a highly skilled Agile practitioner, with experience in building Scrum and Agile teams while leveraging TDD and XP practices to drive successful software product development teams is desired.

Technical Skills

  • Linux & Apache
    • Virtual Hosts, Mod_Rewrite and httpd.conf settings
    • Performance tuning, debugging and profiling
    • SSL and Session Management
    • Ability to custom compile, build RPMs and/or use yum/apt-get for management
    • LAMP stack under a RedHat/CentOS environment preferred
    • Intermediate level skills on Linux/System V machines
    • Shell scripting experience in Sed/Awk or PERL
    • Experience with file systems management, LVM and services management
  • PHP
    • Zend Optimizer, APC and other opcode caching technologies
    • PECL, PEAR and standard APIs, libraries and extensions
    • Single instance and distributed memcached integration
    • Knowledge of debuggers, profilers and system tracing utilities like GDB, xdebug
    • OOP Programming skills, including MVC-based frameworks
    • Scalability & Performance tunings
    • Unit Testing experience (jUnit, SimpleTest, PHPUnit)
    • Testing automation and Continuous Integration systems (CruiseControl, Ant, Selenium)
    • Development experience with Web Services (REST/SOAP & 3rd party APIs)
    • Developing on multiple platforms (VIM, Zend, NetBeans, Eclipse)
    • Experience with Version Control Systems (Subversion, Mercurial, Git)
  • MySQL
    • Server Configuration & Management
    • Query Optimization
    • Experience writing Stored Procedures, Triggers and Views
    • Experience with a variety of Storage Engines (Innodb, MyISAM, Heap, ndb cluster)
    • Experience with clustered environments using MySQL Cluster / Multi-Master Replication
    • Strong database architectural design experience
  • Front End
    • HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript with Ajax
    • Experience with jQuery or other JS libraries
    • Ability to learn emerging technical standards and apply/coach development team in proper adoption
  • Leadership & Experience
    • Servant Leadership
    • Certified Scrum Master or other Scrum/Agile certification or relevant experience
    • 3+ years in supporting iterative and incremental software development teams
    • Experience in a variety of corporate environments in a coaching/training role in teaching Product Owners and Stakeholders the details of Agile, XP and Scrum
    • Experience with the A3 Process from Toyota, TOC and other Lean techniques applied to software development teams and organizations
    • Expert mentoring and conflict resolution skills
    • An ability to present to technical and non-technical audiences from junior staff to C-level executives
  • Prior Experience
    • Past success in a startup environment is preferred
    • Experience as a LAMP stack Manager/Leader for a Fortune 500 or Top 100 domain
    • 10+ years of experience in LAMP stack development
    • 3-5+ years of management and gradually increasing leadership positions
    • Prior CTO/VP/Director level experience is required
    • Must have experience managing multiple teams with 20 or more technologists
  • Nice to Have
    • Advanced CS or Engineering Degree
    • Experience within the Open Source community
    • Recent professional references that showcase your strengths
    • LinkedIn or other social media profiles, blogs or portfolio of work to review
    • Previous experience presenting at PHP, Agile or Open Source conferences and events
    • Previous work experience in the field of eLearning systems development

For more information or to submit your resume, contact Lonnie Brown at Lonnie@JacobGroup.com or 214-544-9030.

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