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Aura.Web: Aura’s Page Controller for MVC
Jun 05, 2013 @ 14:58:42

On PHPMaster.com today Hari K T has spotlighted one of the components from the Aura framework, the Aura.Web component.

MVC is an acronym that means Model-View-Controller. In this tutorial I would like to introduce you to Aura.Web, the controller component of the Aura Library. Here I’ll show you how to use it to build your own controller, and also how to use a response transfer object to issue HTTP response headers, and integrate a templating engine like Mustache for rendering views.

He starts off with an overview of how the component is architected and how it is used to create controllers and what dependencies it needs injected. He talks about some of the objects and the methods they provide and includes some sample code for a basic "Index" controller. He shows how to integrate the Mustache templating engine for output and how to work directly with HTTP responses.

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Link: http://phpmaster.com/aura-web-auras-page-controller-for-mvc

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