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My new boss is convinced Symfony2 is not suitable for big projects...
Jun 06, 2013 @ 13:13:13

On Reddit.com there's a big discussion happening around a question asked about Symfony2 versus Zend Framework 2 - My new boss is convinced Symfony2 is not suitable for big projects. He wants us to start developing with ZF2. Should we? Here's his story:

I have worked with ZF1 and Symfony2. To me, Symfony2 is not only more productive (with all the CLI thingies), but is much more robust, modular... better in almost all ways. I don't know much about ZF2. I've read some comparatives (here in this subreddit as well as in a few articles), but got nowhere. I either need reasons to learn ZF2 (and start the new projects with all difficulties a newbie would encounter, which sounds overly tedious, I must say) or arguments to provide my boss with. Even opinions from people who know both frameworks.

There's lots of different opinions shared in the comments ranging from pro-Symfony2, pro-ZF2 out to those that eschew both and opt for something lighter for their needs (like an advanced setup of Slim).

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Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/1fq11x/my_new_boss_is_convinced_symfony2_is_not_suitable