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I do not get how to use a php framework.
January 16, 2014 @ 10:37:34

If you're new to the world of PHP frameworks and are having trouble wrapping your head around using one, you should check out this discussion over on Reddit. The poster asks some advice on getting started with frameworks and wether they need one or not.

Hey. I've been learning PHP now for some weeks on a hobby level and I do think it's alot of fun! But, I hear, everywhere people say "Dont reinvent the wheel" and how good frameworks are, but there is some stuff stopping me. [...] And why I just do not keep continue to do my own buisness is becasuse, I hear all this talk about how secure frameworks are, and Im super scared of writing a php website and messing something up. SQL Injections etc etc. So... Do I REALLY need to use a framework, It seem to just complicate things to a whole other level than my current PHP skill.

Responses on the post include a good range of thoughts including:

  • "You could instead use a CMS which have elements of a framework built in"
  • "I think that Silex is just right for you, and should be familiar enough with your current practice while teaching you the new things you need to know as you go along."
  • "Absolutely use a framework, but don't lose that drive to learn how code works."
  • "Any framework of repute is making heavy use of design patterns. Having a rudimentary understanding of these will help frameworks make much more sense to you."
  • "A framework exists to ease your development [...] A lot of sites use frameworks, but there's nothing stopping you from doing your own thing."
  • "If you get confused by larger frameworks and like to have more control over every aspect of your code, it sounds like a micro-framework might be the right choice for you."
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