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WordPress Configuration Cheat Sheet
Nov 02, 2018 @ 17:23:19

For the WordPress users out there, the RIPSTech.com blog has posted an invaluable "cheat sheet" sharing details on securing your configuration to prevent exploits and other issues down the line.

WordPress is the most frequently installed web application in the world. The system is operated not only by experienced developers but also by beginners. In this blog post, we summarize what to look out for when configuring your WordPress installation’s security.

In our series about misconfigurations of PHP frameworks, we have investigated Symfony, a very versatile and modular framework. Due to the enormous distribution and the multitude of plugins, WordPress is also a very popular target for attackers. This cheat sheet focuses on the wp-config.php file and highlights important settings to check when configuring your secure WordPress installation.

Suggestions made in the guide cover values involving: debugging, database credentials, keys/salts, database repair, external requests and many more. The post provides examples for each of the settings and a recommended value to make it easy to drop in the changes and harden your WordPress installation.

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Link: https://blog.ripstech.com/2018/wordpress-configuration-cheat-sheet/

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