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Ben Ramsey's Blog:
Installing the Eclipse PHP IDE
December 18, 2006 @ 16:34:00

Wanting to try out something new in the IDE department, Ben Ramsey reached for the Eclipse PHP IDE to see how it ran. His latest post details the installation process he went through to get things up and running.

I already had a working Eclipse installation that I had used to try out PHPeclipse for Eclipse (not to be confused with the PHP IDE), so I didn't want to bother downloading a brand new full package of Eclipse that includes the PHP IDE and all its requirements. So, I set about on a tedious journey to figure out how to install PHP IDE using the Eclipse Update Manager. These are my notes.

There's really only three main steps he went through: disable PHPeclipse (if installed), install the other software needed by PHP IDE, and finally, install the PHP IDE plugin itself. That's it (assuming all goes well with the prerequisites).

You can grab the latest copy of the Eclipse PHP IDE from the project's website.

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phpide eclipse install steps screenshot prerequisites phpide eclipse install steps screenshot prerequisites

PHP Magazine:
Poll Question Pre-requisites of a Good Framework?
June 30, 2006 @ 06:01:14

The International PHP Magazine site has posted the results of their poll (still taking votes, by the way) about what some of the prerequisited of a good framework should be.

The International PHP Magazine conducted a poll last week, asking for your opinion on the 'Pre-requisites of a good framework'. The options provided include:
  • Strong separation of data
  • Web 2.0 support and preferably libraries built in
  • Strong naming conventions and smart English recognition
  • Robustness (ability to handle large volumes of traffic and data)
  • Rapid development features (scaffolding etc.)
  • A great IDE (preferably Eclipse)
  • Others

The results so far show that two options are neck and neck for users - the correct/strong seperation of data and the framework's robustness for dealing with the loads. Pulling in close behind them is the need for rapid development, making it quick and easy to use.

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poll question prerequisites good framework robust seperation rapid development poll question prerequisites good framework robust seperation rapid development

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