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/Dev/Hell Podcast:
Episode 71: Bespoke Tokens
Feb 03, 2016 @ 15:23:39

The /Dev/Hell podcast, hosted by PHP community members Chris Hartjes and Ed Finkler, has posted their latest episode - Episode 71: Bespoke Tokens.

On this episode you get twice the guest because we invited two of the three folks behind WonderNetworks to join us.

Paul Reinheimer and Gemma Anible came on (and even did video via Skype so they could tell when we were getting bored) and talked about how WonderNetworks got started, Paul and Gemma’s preferred development style and Paul seemed determined (as he always is) to tweak Chris.

Topics mentioned in the episode include (obviously) WonderProxy, space leggings, BulletPHP and PHP-GTK. You can listen to this latest episode either through the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3. Be sure to subscribe to their feed if you enjoy the episode and want yo hear more.

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Link: http://devhell.info/post/2016-02-01/bespoke-tokens/

Paul Reinheimer:
Using GeoIP at WonderProxy
Nov 07, 2013 @ 16:57:09

Paul Reinheimer has a new post talking about some of his experience implementing GeoIP at his HTTP testing proxy service WonderProxy (and the steps you'd need to take to make it work for your application). The GeoIP service helps you identify the sources (geolocation) of connections to your applications.

At WonderProxy we’ve been helping people test their GeoIP sensitive applications since launch. It’s why we launched. Perhaps ironically it’s never been a technology we’ve used on our own website. With our upcoming re-design that’s changing.

He's broken it down into four major steps, each with a bit of description to go along with them:

  • Using GeoIP
  • Acquire a database
  • Rebuild Apache & PHP (with the Apache module)
  • Handle edge cases

This isn't a detailed tutorial to getting GeoIP support working in your app, but it does provide a good direction and links to several resources to help you along your way.

tagged: geoip geolocation wonderproxy overview tutorial database

Link: http://blog.preinheimer.com/index.php?/archives/421-Using-GeoIP-at-WonderProxy.html

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