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Michael Kimsal's Blog: Relaunch & Job Board Series
June 10, 2008 @ 11:19:29

Michael Kimsal following the release of his new book from php|architect press, the "PHP Job Hunter's Handbook", has relaunched the book's website with lots of new content and features.

After a job move last summer, and the book getting shifted from self-publish to external publisher, I unfortunately let the blog grow stale. I've relaunched it today with an explanation about what happened, and some more detail about the progress of the book over the last year.

He's also started up a new series where he'll review the PHP-related job boards out there. He's started off with a look at (based on the platform).

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Community News:
PHPFreaks Relaunch
May 27, 2008 @ 09:31:00

One of the more popular PHP community sites out there, PHPFreaks, has launched the completely reworked version of their site:

Recently there have been many changes to PHP Freaks. A significant change is the total rewrite and redesign of the main site. The old one was taken down after vulnerabilities were found in the source code. For the last couple of months we have been working on making what you are currently looking at now. The release has been postponed a couple of times, but people have been patiently waiting for the site.

They've added a blog to the mix (which this post is a part of) to help keep visitors up to date on the site's happenings and various other news from the admins. If you find a bug, let them know, otherwise - enjoy the new site and check out all of the same great content.

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Community News:
php|architect Site Relaunch
November 27, 2007 @ 13:45:00

In case you missed the news, the folks over at php|architect have redesigned their website to make it even easier for PHPers and customers to find what they want. Marco Tabini, publisher of the magazine has posted about it to his blog too:

As you may have noticed, php|architect has a new website to replace our five-year-old ball of code. This change has been almost eighteen months in the making, and one of the main reasons behind my general absenteeism from almost any form of non-necessary social activity during that period.

[...] Here, therefore, are a few observation on our new platform, its development and our strategy. Consider this the "how we did it" piece, with its "why we did it" companion to follow in a future post.

He talks about the work that was involved (over 3 million lines of code!) and how the development process had happened before. To correct the situation, he headed up an effort to rework the site, bringing it back to a more manageable state. He describes some of the pains he went through in the process (i.e. hating databases, thinking about Python instead of PHP) and the three components they eventually hammered out - a custom framework for the logic, a templating system for the frontend and a service-oriented architecture for the backend that would make expanding in the future much simpler.

So, since it's a special occasion and they want to pass their joy about the release on to their customers, you can get free shipping for a limited time on all of the books shipped to the U.S. or Canada (and special prices for international orders).

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